I love the feel of spontaneity in taking photos especially with my daughters as I am more into capturing their candid moments rather than the usual “give me a smile” or “say cheese” poses.

This is my second daughter, when she is drawn into something she became oblivious to what’s happening around her and this is an opportunity I would not let pass by…

I caught her busy browsing with her tablet…

I like how the light from the tablet illuminate her face…

I took another shot, still she’s not aware…

Then suddenly she looked at me, before she made a reaction, I told her “hold it there!”

Finally, I requested her to remove her eyeglasses, continue what she’s doing but take a quick glance at me. i was thankful that she obliged.

She had one request, not to post her photos anywhere… Did I?

Please click here for better and bigger photo resolutions


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