Life in Mono…

When I started this hobby, I first thought of picturesque landscapes, beautiful models and wonderful macros. I might not be able to take photos as stunning as the others who have the same passion as mine, but I have captured some of them the best I could.  I keep on clicking and snapping… and feeling satisfied with what I am getting.

A closer look

A closer look

A view from Marina Bay Sands SkyPark...

A view from Marina Bay Sands SkyPark…



Lately my inclination is gearing to the black and white photography.  I have been seeing a lot of these in the net – blogs and journals but only recently I begin to look at them thoroughly.  Looking at them closely, I can see stories…I can see life.  Then, I find myself appreciating them more.

A walk in the Theme Park

A walk in the Theme Park_MG_5884-001

The way you see the world depends on how you are positioned…


Sorry, I really had no idea on what she is reading…


At your service…


What is he sipping???


Carefully looking at the…?




Just hold my hand, we will walk together…




Come on kids, smile!


Walking tall…


Excuse, the entrance is here…


“Relax, I will call some of our friends to cheer you up”

It made me realized that a photo to be a stunning you need more colours but to make it moving you need to strip the colours off.



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